Directions to MHS

ETWG meetings are held in the Wood Shop or in the Ruby Tuesday Room at Maryville High School. Maryville High School is located at 825 Lawrence Ave, Maryville, TN 37803. You can use the following link to Google maps for directions from your location:

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Below is a satellite view of the school showing the location just south of the intersection of W. Broadway and Lamar Alexander Parkway.  Note that you can turn off Broadway on either Cunningham Street or Curtis Street to get to the school.

Below is a second satellite view from the same orientation at a higher zoom level.  Note that Curtis Street is an S curve around the end of the school that accesses a parking area in the lower right of the picture.

Below is a street level picture taken from Curtis Street looking toward the first part of the S curve with Broadway behind the camera. Note the dumpster in the picture.


Note the same dumpster in the previous picture is visible in the left of this picture. To get to the entrance to the Ruby Tuesday Room, go right down the short street at the corner of the building.