March 12.
Trinity Edgar provided a briefing on Knoxville Habitat for Humanity, The link for more information:
Upcoming Membership Meetings
May 14.
Martin Shoffner will demonstrate his Convex Cutter. (click on read more)

This will be a demonstration of the Convex Curve Cutter (CCC), a new and innovative band saw accessory.
The CCC easily opens up a whole new dimension to the shape of wood projects that include jewelry boxes, keepsake boxes, and even multisided projects. Now you are no longer limited to straight or concave sides to your jewelry and keepsake boxes.
With the CCC you can easily achieve consistency in shaping symmetrical or asymmetrical convex curves on the outsides of square, rectangular, or even multi-sided boxes.
The CCC is the perfect woodworking accessory for the creative craftsman. In addition to shaping convex curvatures, there is a surprise benefit that makes the CCC a must have for discerning woodworkers.
May 18-20.
Arrowmont weekend. Refer to details in the Member's Menu area.